Anniversary Catering

June 6, 2016 - Catering Tips

Milestones in life are important because they remind us of how far we’ve
come. A year is long and with many hurdles in between. Sometimes the
challenges that we experience suck the life out of us but we still
manage to crawl through and see better days. Such is life and that is
what makes it so beautiful and interesting. There are several milestones
to celebrate, each with its own meaning and significance. Anniversaries
remind us that even with all the ups and downs, the good moments and
the bad, we still made it. They are therefore worth celebrating,
sometimes with a lot of pomp and color, great company and good food.

anniversaries are marked in varied ways depending on the exact
milestone being celebrated or occurrence being commemorated. You can’t
exactly celebrate a wedding anniversary in the same manner that you
would mark a death anniversary. In both occasions, there is something
being celebrated but they can’t be done similarly. Even the events that
take place in the celebrations are quite different. A wedding is usually
a very special day for the bride and groom. As they say their vows,
they are hopeful for a future full of love and joy, and that they’ll
stay together until the very end. This is because not every marriage
lasts. Wedding anniversaries are therefore celebrated by the couple to
remind themselves of the vows they took and at the same time be grateful
for making it through another year. It is only fitting that the ensuing
party should reflect the mood of the day. Good food, amazing
entertainment and generally a good time.

It’s not only
the conventional anniversaries that can be celebrated because you can
actually mark any special milestone in life. You can celebrate the day
you started your own company, graduated college or even bought your own
house. All these are important and deserve to be commemorated in style.
At San Fransisco Catering Company, we are aware of the uniqueness of
every anniversary celebration. That’s why we have a dedicated team that
specializes in anniversary catering. We ensure that you have a great
time with good food to go with the celebrations. Our anniversary
caterers also work hand in hand with you to help make the day a great

Women really are the super-humans. Carrying a
pregnancy for nine months is no mean task. Your body undergoes so many
changes to accommodate the presence of the little one. Baby showers are
not only meant to prepare for the arrival of the unborn baby but also to
remind the mother to be that the tiresome yet fulfilling journey is
nearing an end. Most of the parties have themes depending on the
preference of the organizers or sex of the baby. This is usually
reflected in the decorations, dressing, gifts and food. We offer amazing
baby shower catering services that also follow the set themes. Our
wonderful and very skilled baby shower caterers are well experienced in
this area and will assist you in making the party a great success.