9 Essential Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Caterer!

June 5, 2016 - Event Catering

9 Essential Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Caterer!

Number 1: What can you recommend that will suit my budget, the time and date of the ceremony, and the overall theme of my wedding? And, how much would it cost me per person?

Wedding caterers usually charge on a per-head basis. Before you contact a potential wedding caterer, know how many persons will be attending your wedding. If you already contacted one, a well systematized wedding catering provider should give you a deadline for submitting the final head count of your guests.

Number 2: What type of cuisines do you specialize in? Will that particular style of cuisine fit the intended budget? Can i also suggest a special recipe of my own?

Make sure that the specialty of your wedding caterer fits what you have envisioned for your wedding day. There could also be an entre or appetizer that is special within your family. Do not hesitate to have it on the menu. They should make a way in tailoring the menu specifically to your preference.

Number 3: Do you have any other bookings on the same weekend or time and day of my wedding?

You need to make sure that your wedding catering provider has formulated a sound plan on dealing with the businesses they have on the same weekend or day to your wedding.

Number 4: Does your company hold a license?

This applies to liability insurance and to all of the health department requirements. Be cautious of a wedding caterer that cannot readily present to you any of the information you ask for.

Number 5: Does a buffet-style setup work differently for a cost-per-person versus that of a sit-down dinner?

The answer to this is probably a resounding yes. However, it is worth asking because they will explain to you the difference between the two.

Number 6: Does the cost-per-person contain all the charges? Should i watch out for any hidden charges?

Some wedding caterers would include the cost of the rentals, food, linens, and the staff into the cost-per-person. You need to find out if this is the case, so you will be able to compare and contrast different catering providers smartly.

Number 7: Can you provide extras, if necessary?

Wedding caterers should watch out for an excess number of guests. They should be able to provide extra linens, chairs, tables, glasses, serving dishes and other dinnerware. Find out how much they would bill you for every extra guest and how much it would be to arrange the items mentioned from a catering equipment vendor. There are instances wherein it is worth the extra cost just to have the wedding caterer handle the situation. This will take off the stress that is already in your shoulders.

Number 8: Would you be able to provide me options for the style and color of the linens and dinnerware?

Most wedding caterers have a selection of linen and dinnerware that a client can choose from. If they don’t have the style or color that you want, they can be able to request it from a third-party equipment vendor. Although this will definitely increase the price.

Number 9: Who will be the one that’s going to carry the responsibility for the catering during the wedding day?

You should meet the person who is going to be in-charge of your catering. It is important that you insist in doing so, because you need to assess whether he or she can live up to his job.