Why Italian Catering And What To Ask From An Italian Caterer

June 12, 2016 - Best of SF

So you are planning to have an event in San Fransico? Well, what is an event without good food, right? Of course, not every one of us has the time cook and serve the guest. Fortunately, you can hire a catering service to do that for you.

If you are in need of a catering service and a theme, then let this article suggest that you look for an ITALIAN CATERING service. Why? Well, that is what we ar going to discuss in this article. Furthermore, this article is going to give you a few tips to ensure that you are truly working with an experienced and reputable ITALIAN CATERERS.

Why Choose A Service Catering Italian Food?

* Pizzas – almost everyone loves pizza and who better at creating terrific pizzas than a catering service that specializes in Italian dishes. Pizzas can also work in many ways. It can be one of the main meals, or it can be appetizers. Plus, you have a lot of toppings and styles to choose from.

* Pasta – this is one of the main specialties of Italian catering. Italy is known for its great pasta. Its a no brainer that you should hire an Italian food service if you are looking for a pasta catering. Also, pasta is a safe food as most people can easily enjoy pasta no matter where they are coming from.

* Salad – Italian cuisine is also known for great salads. Hence, if you are serving a health-conscious audience and salads is one of the main entries, then you should place your bet on Italian caterers to serve you great looking and tasting salads.

What To Ask From An Italian Catering Service

* Are You Available To Service At The Time And Day Of The Event? – this should be the first question you should ask.

* Can You Suggest The Amount Of Food For X Number Of People? – a good and experienced Italian catering service can accurately estimate the amount of food volume in relation to the number of guests. Lacking of food is not a good thing, and too many leftovers are just a waste of food and money.

* Is It Possible To Visit While You Are Service One Event? – this may not always be possible, but this a great opportunity to experience the quality and kind of service a catering service offers.

* Can You Provide With Samples Of Your Dishes? – again, this may not always be possible, but this is a great way to taste the dishes that they will be serving your guests.

* Do You Have Any Awards? – this is another great question to ask if you think it is appropriate to ask it. Of course, a great catering and experienced catering service most likely earned a few awards under its belt.

That’s it! If you are planning to host an event, then it is hard to make a mistake when hiring an Italian catering service. Italian food is enjoyed by most people like pizza, pasta and salads. Just be sure to ask the questions mentioned above before hiring an Italian catering service. This ensures that you won’t meet a lot of headaches during the day of the event.