Top questions to ask before hiring gluten-free caterers for your function

June 22, 2016 - Dishes

Finding a caterer can
sometimes be very challenging especially, if your party, event or wedding is of
a specific menu like gluten free. However it is possible to get the right
gluten free caterer for your party or wedding though there are a few questions to be asked when
hiring one to ensure they are the right one.

Is the caterer licensed to operate?

A good caterer has met health standards and has
liability insurance. He or she should also have a liquor license; liquor
liability insurance if alcohol is part of the beverages to avoid drunkenness
injuries. Here in San Francisco Catering Company, our gluten free caterers are licensed and
ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Can the caterer provide references from previous

To hire a caterer, it is always good to confirm their
work is good by checking their previous work record. Look into references to be
sure that their work or the company’s work is worth hiring. Also look for
similar events that the company or the diet accommodating caterer served.

Is the caterer committed to other events or weddings
on the same weekend or day?

For such a
delicate menu, it is good to ensure that the gluten free caterer is at most devoted to your
function. Most people want a full time diet accommodating caterer who will serve their guests to
the last bit of the party. A non-committed caterer and staff will ruin your day
since they will have to choose which party to attend.

Does the caterer specialize in certain types of
food, such as organic, locally sourced, ethnic or gluten-free catering? Does the caterer
work with fresh, not frozen, food?

You probably have a certain menu in mind; therefore
hire a caterer who specializes in it. They tend to have varieties on what to
prepare and have very many ideas, for a better and tastier result. Other chefs?
You do know that will not end well.

Does the catered meal come full service?

When you hire a caterer for your gluten free catering, you definitely would not
expect to hire side waiters and cleaning guys. You expect that the meal comes
with full service to avoid additional pay.

At what price
range does the caterer offer packages?

Catering cuts off a lump sum of your budget, therefore
it is important to note if they come with packages that make it worth paying.
Look at the menu they offer and assess what will work for you best.

When should the caterer get a well decided menu?

The decided menu should be presented prior to allow
enough time for the gluten free caterer to organize themselves. A proper agreement with the
caterer is advised.

Is the caterer able to prepare vegetarian,
gluten-free, kosher or halal meals for a few guests, and is there an additional

If you plan to work with special dietary restrictions,
you need to hire a caterer that is willing to deliver. However, it may mean
additional charges, though it is something manageable. Then again if the
caterer charges a lot for that service, you will have to look for another

A good
diet accommodating caterer is likely to save you money as well as save you the day. Here in San
Francisco we offer the best caterers the world can ever know. If you have that
event and you want a gluten free caterer, please do not hesitate. Get in touch
with San Francisco Catering Company to get acquainted.