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May 31, 2016 - Dishes

Are you a fan of juicy hamburgers, hot dogs, and delectable sandwiches? Well, San Francisco Catering Company has something to offer for every individual, whether you are a meat lover or a vegan. SF Catering Company has been providing the best catering and events planning services in San Francisco, California since inception. By employing great quality, class, and perfection, we have managed to exceed the expectations of many a clients. We are sought out by different clients, both in the private and corporate sector because of our astounding appeal to diverse palates. At SF Catering, we strive to captivate our customers with the very best in the catering industry. By integrating great kitchen skills and the very best ingredients in California, the result is tantalizing food that will leave you wanting some more.

What We Offer:

At SF Catering, we bring the party to you by offering delicious food options to our clients from bruschetta, to stuffed mushrooms, to shrimp; everything cooked to perfection by our well trained chefs. None overcooked or undercooked; all made to the perfect consistency, texture, and flavor. Our ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. Therefore, you can expect the best flavors in your chicken sliders and herb bread.
We offer different kinds of catering including:

Carnival Catering
What is more exciting in life than having all the corn dogs, nachos and hotdogs in one event? Well not many people get to experience this phenomenon. That is how amazing our carnivore catering is. We provide you with hot food to go including those mouth-watering finger sandwiches. If you are wondering how carnival food taste like then hire the carnival catering for an awesome outdoor event.

Hamburger and Slider Catering
SF Catering have mastered the art of making soft, well cooked, and juicy patties to give your burgers and sliders that heavenly taste that you cannot find anywhere else in San Francisco. With great culinary skills, our chefs put the right proportion for every ingredient, creating sumptuous hamburgers and sliders.

Hotdog Catering
At SF Catering we ensure that food is not only fun when having it but also that it matches your preferences and appetite. We offer different types of hotdogs for you and your guests according to their preferences.

Oh! In case you were wondering, we have gluten free options too.

SF Catering occasionally provides staffing services for both private and corporate events at a fee. Our team of professionals include bartenders, chefs, sommeliers, cooks, event coordinators, all of who are available at a fee. For cocktail parties, we have a great mixologist who knows his liquor. You can be certain your guests will be impressed.

Party Rentals
There are those of you who may be operating on a budget and may not end up paying for our full range carnival catering services. Well, we offer party rentals in the form of fine china, tables, chairs, glassware, linen and other catering equipment. However, if you want to sit back and let someone else do the work, there is not one better at hamburger catering and slider catering in San Francisco.