Breakfast catering – know your options

June 8, 2016 - Best of SF

If you are planning an overnight event, or an event lasting several days, you would need to think about meals for guests. In particular, breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day for many. Without a proper breakfast it would be difficult to carry on full steam with your planned event. You would want to impress guests first thing in the morning with a tasty and filling breakfast. The right breakfast catering will also ensure that you and participants receive a healthy meal, right after they wake up in the morning, or possibly, after an all night meeting.

Before choosing any type of brunch catering, you would need to give a thought to the following.

Full service or self service –

Breakfast catering offers a remarkable number of options, to ensure that you can get the right amount of privacy or budget friendly service for the first meal of the day. You can choose full service catering, complete with chefs to cook meals on the venue to servers who will keep the food hot and serve them to guests. If you prefer more privacy or you want to save money, choosing self service, where you pick up the food from the caterers, and arrange to serve it on your own, is an option. If this sounds too much like a chore, you can hire brunch caterers who will prepare the food, and keep the tables and cutlery in their right places at the venue. You just have to show up for the meal.

Type of food –

Naturally the menu is the most important factor when it comes to breakfast catering. Think about what type of food your guests would like. Do they like filling, traditional continental meals complete with bread, butter, jam, bacon or eggs, and coffee? Or maybe they would like something healthier- a meal that also includes salads and fruits? If you are not sure what exactly your guests would like, you can choose a buffet style menu. This would ensure that guests can choose from a variety of options. You can also choose from very specific menus, such as a vegetarian menu or Mexican breakfast complete with tortillas. If you want to turn breakfast into a veritable treat there are options such as omelets made specifically on the request of a guest, including ingredients ranging from bacon, cheese and mushrooms to tomatoes and onions. The menu choices are diverse so you would want to carefully study all options before choosing a breakfast caterer.

Your budget –

You can choose caterers for the event based on your budget. You can keep prices low by selecting some of the services, instead of full service catering. Note that this would also mean that you would need to deploy additional people to set up tables and prepare the venue, should you have a large number of guests. You can also look at options such as additional items for each guest, to be added to the general menu. This ensures guests can request specific items, without your needing to request a chef station for guests.

You can find the best breakfast caterers by keeping the above tips in mind, and create a wonderful experience for guests by helping them wake up to a good meal.