A Wide Variety Of Services By Presidio Caterers

June 18, 2016 - Catering Tips

The Presidio is arguably the place where San Francisco originated from. It is an inspiring and awe instilling in its setting at the entrance of an iconic bay. The Presidio was the home to the natives for over millennia. Later, three nations were laying claim to its strategic position, making a cultural crossroads. It was established in 1776 as the northernmost outpost of Spain in the Americas. It was also once a Mexican fort, which was from 1822 to1846 when it changed to become a premier U.S army post. The Presidio is today, a different kind of national park giving quality experiences for nature lovers, history, as well as the community at large. San Francisco is the home to Presidio catering. The catering offers visitors an amazing opportunity to get the best food in a wide variety.

Presidio caterers offers services that range from event management, planning and also food catering. The Presidio caterers will provide the best culinary scenes in the Bay Area. They range from restaurants to food events that come seasonally, and also sites for picnics with views from Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of great outdoor services, especially around San Francisco, caterers Presidio will meets your needs.

Catering Presidio also covers corporate catering. When looking for catering services for your in-house meeting or a huge corporate event, Catering Presidio has corporate caterers who can handle both of these needs. There are catering menus that you can refer to and see what pleases you.

Managed by the Presidio trust, Presidio catering has made a partnership with the Bay Area’s celebrated chef Traci Des Jardins in order to provide catering services for celebrations and meetings. When planning to host a family get together, a mega celebration or even planning a company meeting, in San Francisco ant it’s precincts, Presidio offers a close partner towards creating a venue as well as a menu that will best reflects your vision.

Presidio caterers also offer variant venues that will fit to diverse needs. In San Francisco there are locations that are perfect for indoor and outdoor parties as well as events that are less formal. San Francisco’s Presidio is known and popular for its historic sites. The old west for example is a log cabin venue offered by Presidio Caterers and has abundant space which gives a perfect venue for business and corporate events. Also there is the historic Officer’s club which has been a premiere location for events for over a hundred years. The Presidio Officers club is catered for by the Global Gourmet Catering. The club is located conveniently in San Francisco. It is versatile and flexible and perfect for any corporate event.

Presidio caterers are diverse and cater for any event. They prioritise trustworthy reviews. Their location is convenient and they offer quality catering services for event ranging from weddings, corporate events, business events, celebrations and even non profit events. They have a rich historical inheritance that has been well preserved. With the various venues being offered this will give you a wider scope to choose from for you catered event.